Lemon Cookies With Black Raspberry Jam

Lemon cookies with jam

Welcome back bakers! This is going to be the last recipe in my Soft Lemon Cookie series. This one takes both previous recipes, Soft Lemon Cookies and Iced Lemon Cookies and turns them into a spectacular filled cookie. I chose black raspberry jam for the filling as it’s both delicious and well balanced with the lemon cookie. If you’re ready to have your taste buds dancing, make these lemon cookies with black raspberry jam.

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In order to make these delicious iced lemon cookies with black raspberry jam, you will need to make two recipes. Go ahead and bake the lemon cookies, and let them cool.

Next you will need to make the easy cookie glaze recipe. You need to decide if you want to glaze just the top cookie or both. If you just want the top cookie to have the yummy sugary glaze, than just dip or glaze half of your cookies. Make sure you leave time for them to dry so you can handle them properly.

Not into glazed cookies? You can just dust them with powdered sugar, or leave them as they are!

So what about the black raspberry filling?

This is the easiest part, you just need to buy it! I used Dickinsons pure seedless black raspberry preserves. I’ve had these preserves on waffles, english muffins and pancakes. It is so good, they really know what they are doing over there at Dickinsons!

When to serve lemon cookies?

You can keep these cookies stored in an airtight container for a few days. The are best served the day of, and day after baking.

Lemon flavored desserts are so versatile, they make a really enjoyable dessert but also serving they at a breakfast or brunch would be appropriate too!

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Simple Cookie Glaze
Don’t forget to let your cookies cool before glazing.
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Enjoy your delicious cookies!
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