The Best Fondant Tools To Start With

When you’re starting out in your cake decorating journey, figuring out what tools to invest in can be overwhelming. As a professional cake decorator, here is my short list of tools that I recommend you purchase. As an Amazon Affiliate I may earn from purchases made using these links, but I will only recommend a product I trust.

First things first, you need to decide where you will be rolling out your fondant. Unless you have stainless steal table handy, your’e going to need a silicone mat. Top of line ones will cost you upwards of $50, but these affordable options are more than sufficient. The most important aspect is size, you need it to be large enough to roll out enough fondant to cover a cake. A small one is fine if you just plan on using it to make small pieces.

Next, you will need a rolling pin or two to actually roll out the fondant. One large rolling pin for cake covering, and one small easy to control rolling pin for small pieces.

Now that you have covered your cake in fondant you are going to need to smooth it, for that you will need a fondant smoothing tool.

You may already have one of these in your kitchen, but having a separate one just for you fondant is essential. You will need a pizza cutter, this makes it easy to glide around the cake and remove the excess fondant. Any pizza cutter will do the job, but this one doesn’t have any extra parts that’s stick up and could damage your fondant.

Most needed tools for making fondant decorations.

Your best friend will soon become your Exacto knife. I have two which are absolutely necessary for me to create my master pieces. While I like to have both, you could get away with one or the other to start. A traditional comfort grip pen style will allow you precision and control, while the “raptor claw” as I so lovingly call it will allow you to glide your finger across the fondant with ease. If you need to get just one, go with the classic, and don’t forget a few extra blades. Always clean your blade with hot water and dry it after use, sugar build up will dull it.

Investing in a pack of good quality plastic (not painted wood) handled paint brushes. You will use these for more things that you think and the quality will really make a difference. If you have left over cornstarch on your fondant, you’re also going to want to get a pack of fluffy brushes to dust it off with. Keep these brushes JUST for cleaning cornstarch off your cakes and decor, never apply any color to it so you know they are always safe.

Every good cake decorator needs fondant tools in their arsenal. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about having the classic starter set from Wilton. Heck I have it and I still use it. Hear me out, For around the same amount of money you can buy just tools you really need from it, and some better quality ones you will have forever. You REALLY just need steel ball tools, a combing tool to create wood or hair texture, a stitching tool to create a sewn look, silicone sculpting tools, and honestly.. that should cover everything you need to make fondant decor in the beginning. This set amazingly has them all for less than the Wilton brand set.

Honorable mentions: Cake tools to consider.

If you plan on decorating cake, than investing in a good quality turn-table is the place to start. This one is used among us professionals, and hobby bakers alike. It is durable and will last well.. forever if you take care of it. One important note is to always carry it by the base and never the top.. this is how I have nearly broken my foot, more than once! That alone should tell you about the weight being sturdy and dependable.

Getting smooth fondant starts at the base of your cake, the icing! Investing in a fancy acrylic scraper is a good idea, but I learned with this exact bowl scraper and it is what I prefer to use. Most important thing to look for is straight sides and a straight bottom. I’m not a huge fan of the acrylic ones, I prefer something with a much thinner edge.

Spatulas! Both straight and offset spatulas will come in handy. I like to use a mini offset spatula to ice my cakes in, but you make prefer a full size. You’re also going to need 1 large straight to help you life your cake up once you’ve iced it.

I truly hope this information was helpful to you as you start your cake journey. Please remember my page is here for you with helpful tips and tutorials. Feel free to follow my business pages on social media and reach out to me if you ever need more help.

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